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When buying a New carpet there are many factors to consider these are ; Colour, Texture, Pile Weight, Manmade or Wool Carpets etc. We would be happy to explain the differences to you in person so why not call us and arrange a visit by one of our measuring team or call in to the showroom to see us.


Manmade Carpets

Synthetic Carpets or Manmade Carpets are generally a lot easier to live with on a day to day basis, they tend to cope with stains better than wool carpets, will not fade in Colour and are cheaper to purchase too, a good quality Synthetic carpet should start from around £ 14.99m2.


Wool Carpets

Wool Carpets generally have a softer pile than a Synthetic Carpet, they will not flatten as much as a Synthetic Carpet and will keep their ‘Like-New Appearance ’ for longer. Prices for good quality Wool Carpets start around £ 19.99/m2.


Advantages of Carpet

Excellent at keeping your Home warm and insulated.
Cost effective as opposed to a hard flooring like e.g. Wood, Tiles etc
Reduces Noise
Massive variety of Colours, Patterns and Textures.


Getting a quote

When purchasing a carpet always ask for a quote that includes delivery, fitting, gripper and underlay, here at ‘The Flooring Factory‘ we pride ourselves on honesty , so unlike many National carpet stores, we do not add all the extras on top of your carpet bill we include those costs within our price! Call us today for a really personal service from a local company.


Caring for your carpet

At the Flooring Factory we believe you should start caring for your carpet when you are deciding to purchase. You can make sure your carpet doesn’t receive undue wear and tear by choosing the best one for your needs, if it’s for a hallway, think about how much traffic there’ll be in the area. Or in the Dining room how often will you be eating or drinking there? We say this because it could well be a factor in deciding on which fibres you choose and even the colour.


Fit a good underlay

Fit a good underlay Once you′ve settled on the perfect carpet, it′s a really good idea to think about quality underlay, we have a choice of different underlay′s at various prices to suit ‘Carpets Bournemouth ’ A good quality underlay helps protect your carpet against point loading depressions made by heavy furniture and household fittings, whilst also helping the carpet to recover more quickly. New carpet underlay also provides excellent insulation. It′ll help keep your home warmer and reduce fuel bills, whilst intrusive noise levels can also be reduced greatly from adjoining rooms.


Stains and spills

Once you′ve got the carpet in, use mats at all entrances to your home, this prevents dirt and grit from being brought in and walked into your carpet. Try to vacuum your carpet regularly at least two or three times a week. We recommend that loop pile carpets are vacuumed with a low level cylinder cleaner using the suction head only, cut pile carpets should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with beater bar and brush. To keep your carpet in tip top condition you may want to consider professional cleaning maybe once every year.


It really helps to clean up spills immediately, if you spill a liquid help prevent them from spreading by always cleaning them from the outside edges inward. Any liquid should be blotted with a clean, dry, white absorbent cloth or paper towels. Try not to scrub your carpet at the spill, as you can damage or distort the pile. Apply pressure to the cloth until the spill is dry. If the stain remains, it may be necessary to use a stain remover. It′s best to look for a cleaner specifically formulated to handle the type of stain you have.


When cleaning up a spot, use a small amount of carpet cleaner on a white cloth, letting it soak in for a minute, then carefully blot at the spot from the edges to the centre so that the spot doesn’t spread and keep blotting until the spot is removed, then rinse the area with cold water and blot with another dry cloth until the cleaner has gone.



Fading on carpets is caused by exposure to ultraviolet light and is speeded up when sunlight shines directly onto the carpet. This has the effect of lightening or bleaching the colour in your carpet. You can prevent it by reducing exposure to direct sunlight just as you would protect other furnishings.



Ever notice a jumper whose surface has broken out in small balls of fibre? Well that′s called pilling and the same thing can happen to your carpet, especially if it′s the small loop pile variety, did you know you can deal with pilling effectively by just snipping the bobbles off with scissors.



You can help prevent flattening in your carpet if give it a vacuum regularly, It’s also a good idea to occasionally move the position of your furniture, so that all of the weight isn′t concentrated on one spot all the time, just have a little move around occasionally and your carpet will benefit.



Most carpets made with spun yarn lose some short, excess fibres when they’re first fitted at the ‘Flooring Factory ’ we know our ‘Wool carpets Bournemouth ’ will suffer from what is called‘shedding ’ but this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. More importantly, it′s definitely not a sign of a faulty or defective carpet, Once again after vacuuming several times, the shedding stops completely. If you would like a wool carpet but are worried about shedding ask for a wool and synthetic mix which will reduce the shedding.


Caring for your laminate flooring

Laminate flooring Bournemouth

At the ‘Flooring Factory’ we many different types of ‘laminate flooring ’, with designs to suit all tastes, our expertise is in bringing you the customer, quality laminates at good prices and fitted expertly so that you can be proud of our work. ‘laminate flooring Bournemouth ’ is who we are and most of our customers are pleased to recommend us to their family and friends, so instead of going to a national retailer and having to find a flooring fitter, why not come to us for a full ‘one stop ’ quality service in Bournemouth.


Modern laminate creates a stylish look in your home, but even better and it is quite hard to damage and relatively easy to care for, however, it′s still worth following a few basic guidelines to further maintain your floor′s beauty. Your floor should come with a set of care instructions and a warranty from the manufacturer you should read and follow them and refer to them if a problem develops.


Check it

Some laminate cannot be mopped within 48 hours of installation so please check on your particular floor. As puddles could seep behind baseboards and under your floor, we recommend you don’t wet-mop laminate floors. Simply vacuum your floor then damp mop it.


Don′t polish

Never use polish, varnish or wax on your laminate. Most laminate flooring has a pre-finished wear layer, which doesn′t need further treatment. There are many laminate floor cleaners on sale today, many of which can actually lead to more damage to your laminate flooring over a long period of time. Your flooring manufacturer should recommend certain stain removers. It′s best to use only these.


Use mats and rugs

You can prevent dirt and sand from entering your home by using good quality, dirt-trapping walk-off mats at key exit and entrance areas. On high traffic areas, rugs are a great idea for protection and can even enhance the overall look of your laminate. Use non slip rug underlay made especially for hard surface flooring to prevent accidents caused by moving rugs.


Stay on top of your floor!

Regular cleaning should do the trick in keeping your laminate looking good. That and staying vigilant; wipe up spills and liquids straight away; don′t let liquids stand on your floor and, as dirt can be walked into your laminate, keep sweeping your floor as regularly as you can. Another way to avoid scratching your laminate is to never clean with abrasives, scouring powder or steel wool.