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The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning!


You may have just bought a lovely new carpet, but you’re not sure how to keep it the best it can be. As time passes, you may find your carpet bares the brunt of foot traffic from visitors, pets and family. You may find stains from food, ink and dirt building up, which visually won’t be a good look! Make sure to give the carpets a thorough hoover regularly with a high quality vacuum cleaner, to keep the daily build-up of dust away. However, with stains a more in-depth clean is needed, with an occasional deep clean. This will be beneficial to those with allergies or asthma, due to any carpet mites that may linger even after hoovering.


When cleaning a carpet, be aware that the area that needs cleaning the most, may change colour, particularly on an older carpet. You need to be careful when clearing up liquids, particularly ones like wine that can actually become worse if you try to blot it and it gets pushed into the fibres of the carpet instead! Using a carpet cleaner could be your best option to ensure an even clean that lifts the wine up quickly. Unfortunately, it may be time to replace the carpet if you find stains aren’t shifting, call us at the flooring factory for the cheapest carpets in Bournemouth.


What To Do With Remaining Remnants!


If you’ve recently had carpet put down in your home, you may find yourself with some extra left over. This is called a carpet remnant. Instead of getting rid of it, you may find that you can actually use it for something else! If you have enough carpet left over, you could actually use it for an affordable rug. If you don’t want to get a full carpet for a room, then purchasing remnants instead could be a cheaper option.


Keeping hold of the original remnant for a carpet is handy, as your new carpet could get an unfortunate stain or tear. With the remnant, you can use it to cover up the damaged piece, or even swap it. If you don’t have the original remnant then you may be able to find a very similar style remnant to help repair it.


Another option for a remnant is to use it for a pet! Rather than let it go to waste, you could have it in the room your pet sleeps in the most. Not only will it keep their excess fur in one place, it will also keep the floor nice and cosy for them. Another option is to use the remnants as runners for your hall or stairs, which will look great visually and can be in a variation of styles and colours. For all types of Carpet remnants and Cheap Carpets in Poole, call the Flooring Factory.


The Benefits Of Professional Carpet Installation


If you want to get a new carpet fitted then you should get a professional involved, as they will have the experience and the correct tools (therefore making sure the carpet is the right size and correctly positioned) for the job, as well as doing a thorough and time saving job. Their knowledge will be extensive and will know the best way to do the work, to try and ensure that the lifespan of the carpet is the best it can be, as a badly fitted carpet can succumb to wear and tear sooner.


A professional will know how to fit a carpet properly along a difficult part of the floor, such as the edge of the staircase or awkward corners, where a badly fitted one might bunch up and be a tripping hazard. They will know how to ensure it is measured and placed properly with health and safety in mind. If you are looking for a professional installation along with cheap carpets in Bournemouth, call the Flooring Factory today.


The Benefits Of Getting A Carpet


A good quality carpet can help to give your house a stylish boost. It can give the room the visually pleasing sophistication that you want, as well as the comfort it needs. Comfort is important in a home, particularly if you have a hard floor and are on your feet daily. A carpet can prevent you hurting yourself, as it can be a slipping risk without one, especially on the stairs!


The insulation that a carpet supplies is also a benefit, due to the warmth we need to keep our home comfortable. You’ll find that having a carpet can actually cut down your energy bills, which means it is energy and cost effective, especially in the colder months. Another reason to get a carpet fitted, is due to soundproofing. By not having a carpet, sound can escape and echo due to the floors not absorbing noise as well as the carpet. It may be a good idea to consider carpeting, particularly if you have neighbours.


So, by getting a carpet you are keeping your home visually appealing, warm and comfortable during the winter, as well as keeping your home safe from slipping hazards. Call us for cheap carpets in Poole.


When Should You Replace Your Bed?


It may not be something we really think about, but if you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for years, it might be time to replace it. People only really seem to change their mattress when it starts to get uncomfortable, but we need to realise that it’s not just how it feels or looks like. It may still look okay to sleep on, but inside could be another story.


Health wise, using the same mattress for a long time without replacing it, means you are potentially sleeping on something that has a build-up of dust particles, skin, sweat and even bed bugs!


It is not unusual for people to think a mattress should last between 10-15 years, but it is suggested we replace our whole bed every 7-8 years. The frame is the foundation of the overall bed, so combining that with the mattress will make the difference whether or not we get a good or bad sleep. A bed that isn’t comfortable can keep you awake and leave you aching in the morning.


So, if you’re not sure whether or not to replace your mattress and bed, then talk to a professional, as they can advise you on what to do next. If you need a new bed or Carpet in Bournemouth, visit the Flooring Factory.


Carpets: Why Do They Change Colour?


Sometimes you may notice that your carpet looks slightly different after you’ve walked on it. This a trait called ‘shading’ which can happen to cut pile carpets. A cut pile carpet has fibres entwined into the right material, measured and cut into the correct length. As the years go by the fibres can compress which can cause marks. It is more usual in carpets with longer fibres, as they can get twisted. As someone walks on the carpet, the fibres push down, which causes the shade. As the carpet gets older, occasionally this can be permanent, which is why sometimes old carpets can look ‘stained’.


Although this is only cosmetic and can be quirky addition, sometimes people don’t like it, particularly if they try to vacuum the carpet constantly to try and avoid it. If this is the case, then it may be time to replace the carpet with one that has less chance of developing this condition.


Loop pile carpets have yarn which is looped. The fibres can still compress over the years but they aren’t as likely to change positions, therefore looking fresh for a lot longer. You could also try carpets with twist pile, as these fibres face different ways.


If you keep the colour as a lighter shade, then the condition won’t be as obvious. To be extra sure, you could have the ‘salt and pepper’ look which is textured, therefore hiding any compressions. Whatever carpet you have, it will keep your home looking warm and cosy, call us today for all your carpet requirements in Bournemouth and Poole.


Cold Weather…What Flooring?


In the winter, many people find their energy bills increase. In order to be more energy efficient, it’s a good idea to try and strengthen your homes insulation, particularly within your flooring.


A carpet is a good choice as it will keep the warmth in it’s fibres. If you use an underlay then it’ll add to the insulation as an extra layer. Wool as a material is a good idea as they are easier to maintain, wash and are tougher than synthetic material.


Engineered flooring is real wood that is layered and sturdy. It doesn’t react to changes in temperature as much in the cold. With a decent underlay, it is an ideal choice. For a less pricey option that looks the part, laminated flooring when paired with decent underlay works well, as it also holds insulation and doesn’t get affected by the damp as much.


If you already have flooring that you don’t want to change, but simply want to add to, then a rug is an easy choice. It gives the impression of a warm, cosy living area without completely changing the room. For more details of floor coverings including Laminate flooring in Bournemouth, call us today.