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Five hot flooring ideas for 2019
1. Wood-look flooring. This has been hot for years and has been at number 1 for two years in a row. This can come in vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tile.
2. Waterproof flooring. You can now buy waterproof vinyl, laminate, as well as carpet. For busy homeowners, especially families with pets, this new feature could be a dream come true.
3. Textured Flooring. Wood and laminate can mimic classic hardwood and can come as wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and fully distressed.
4. Environmentally-responsible flooring. Using recyclable, natural, renewable, and home-grown materials is a major preference right now.
5. Blonde Flooring. This is light and airy and compliments just about any décor, making your room look instantly bigger. Call us at the flooring factory for carpets and laminates in Poole.

Carpet Fitting in Poole
Finding someone to carry out your Carpet fitting in Poole can be difficult unless you have had a recommendation for a fitter working for a family business in working in Bournemouth and Poole.

Stair carpet is particularly important to fit properly as if it comes loose it can make the stairs dangerous to use. Floorwise have a range of aluminium stair nosings to make your new stair covering look great.

Contact The Flooring Factory in Poole for more information on their services.

Adhesive Free Vinyl
Forbo Flooring has launched a brand new adhesive free sheet vinyl product to its portfolio – Modul’up Vinyl Flooring.

With no adhesive, tape or tackifier needed, Molul’up saves time and money on installation, meaning contractors can complete more jobs, quicker.

Forbo is offering an unrivalled choice of colours and designs in their new product, with ease of removal, replacement is faster and hassle-free.

Encasing two layers of fibreglass fleece, the new technology will not curl, ruck or roll once installed.

Find out more about Vinyl flooring in Bournemouth from The Flooring Factory.

Transform your Staircase

Stairs may not always seem like the prime place for a transformation, but interior designers beg to differ and are keen to convince customers that they can be a focal point to your hallway.
There are factors to consider when choosing a staircase carpet, such as ease of cleaning and hardiness but choosing a design to compliment you homes aesthetic can really add depth to your interior.
Elegant light grey and white carpets used against white bannisters can give a modern yet comfortable feel, while pin striped and patterned stair runners can really add personality to a plain hallway.

To find the perfect carpet for your staircase, visit the Flooring Factory in Poole.

Carpet Recycling
The amount of carpet heading for landfill has been reduced thanks to the efforts of Carpet Recycling UK and not for Profit Company dedicated to preventing carpet waste going to landfill. Approximately 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste is generated each year in the UK. Unwanted carpets can be recycled and used in many different ways, including insulation, equestrian and sports surfaces. The fibres can be recycled and reused to make new carpets and for use in other innovative applications, for all Carpet fitting in Bournemouth call the Flooring Factory today.

One of the UK’s oldest carpet manufacturers, Brintons Carpets, has recently been sold to an American investment firm.

Brintons Carpets was founded in 1783 in and have been manufacturing carpets at their Kidderminster factory since 1819. At the height of their business they had 25 factories and employed 15,000 workers.

In 2015 the company manufactured and supplied over 21,000 sqm of bespoke Axminster carpet to the P&O Brittania, Britain’s largest cruise ship. Brintons produce a wide range and variety of wool carpets suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

The Flooring company are based in the high street in Kinson, Bournemouth and are one of the premier local suppliers of flooring, including carpets to the Bournemouth and Poole areas, if you require a carpet fitting service in Poole or anywhere in Dorset, call us today. Many of our clients recommend our services to their friends and family members looking for cheap flooring or quality carpets in Poole.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring remains a popular choice for many consumers. Practical, versatile and fairly easy to install it is practically maintenance free.

An increasing number of styles and patterns are available including natural wood, slate, stone, marble or tile effect which will fit enhance any room in your home, whether your style is traditional or modern. Advances in printing technology mean that whichever design you choose it will look remarkably like the natural version.

Make sure you choose the correct grade of laminate flooring to suit the area in which it is to be laid. A hallway or kitchen will need heavier duty flooring than a bedroom. Bathrooms need special consideration as they should be slip resistant, The Flooring Factory can help and advise you of the laminate flooring options for your home.

COREtec® flooring now available in the UK
US flooring manufacturer USFloors is now distributing its COREtec® range of environmentally friendly floors in the UK. Its innovative COREtec® flooring solutions have a patent pending and can be used in all kinds of situations, domestic and commercial, and come with a lifetime residential guarantee and 10 year commercial warranty.

The COREtec® range is 100% waterproof and can be fitted successfully in wet areas. The construction of the flooring incorporates a cork underlayment which reduces noise levels, removes the need for underlay and improves comfort.

It is very hard wearing with a scratch resistant surface, easy to install and comes in a wide range of designs and finishes, for more information call 01202 574044 or ask about our carpet fitting service in Bournemouth.

It is believed that people have been using floor coverings to make their homes more comfortable since they began to live in shelters and caves.

Vegetation and animal skins were the extent of what was available but gradually over time people became more innovative and the earliest known example of a carpet is the Pazyryk Carpet from Siberia dated around 400 BC.

In China, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan carpets and rugs were works of art, designed with bright colours, often of silk.

In Britain we were still choosing to cover our floors with straw and rushes right up until the 16th Century, but in 1537 Robert Roth brought weavers from the East to make rugs on his Kilkenny estate.Eventually a method was devised to mechanise the production of carpets and in 1655 a carpet factory was built by Wilton and by 1699 the Wilton Weavers received a Royal Charter.

The industry has changed and developed, embraced new techniques and methods until today there is a huge range of styles, materials and patterns available to the consumer. For all types of Carpet and Flooring in Poole call us on 01202 574 044.

Swedish manufacturer Kährs has just launched a new flooring range, consisting of 10 ‘rustic’ oak floors. The floors are designed to resemble natural aged oak floors and include knots, cracks and authentic graining. One of the features of the product is that it can be safely installed over underfloor heating. The oak used for the manufacture comes come sustainable oak grown in the Småland woodlands of Sweden. The boards come in a range of colours and have an oiled prefinish and are suitable for domestic or commercial use. If you require cheap quality Flooring in Poole call us on 01202 574888.

Brintons promote ‘Best of British ’ in Miami
Brintons, UK carpet manufacturer, is exhibiting at the annual Cruise Shipping Event in Miami on the 16th ­ 19th March. The Company, which has a Royal Warrant has been part of the show for over 15 years and will be promoting the ‘Best of British ’ at the annual Cruise Shipping Event in Miami on the 16th ­ 19th March.

The Royal Warranted carpet manufacturer has been exhibiting at the show for over 15 years, and will be displaying a bespoke marine carpet that has been woven with High Definition Weave Technology that was pioneered at its Kidderminster factory. The system enables Brintons weave custom made carpets in up to 32 colours, with exacting precision and clarity.Brintons has a long working history in the shipping industry having worked with many ship owners, marine designers and shipyards around the globe. It has developed a specialist Marine Division and most recently fitted carpet on the new P&O Britannia which launches this month.

All Brintons′ marine products are supplied with Wheelmark certification, which shows that the carpet conforms to the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) requirements, for more information or for all laminate flooring in Bournemouth contact the flooring factory.

Primary School Uses Supacord Carpet to Inspire Pupils
London Borough of Barnet′s new, larger version of Orion Primary School has the motto, ‘recognising the star in everyone ’. This is what inspired the design of their new carpet which lines the corridors with hundreds of stars in an array of different colours.

The school has been newly built to replace the old Orion Primary School to absorb the rise in the number of school places needed in the borough. The carpet is made from Supacord, made by the UK based fibre bonded carpet manufacturers, Heckmondwike FB. Over 2,600m2 of the Supacord carpet was supplied in carpet tiles format, in nine colours ­ violet, steel, emerald, blueberry, azure, willow, orange, graphite and purple. An additional 220 tiles in graphite were supplied with stars cut out to give the school its unique and interesting carpet.

Supacord is a popular carpet for schools, especially those who place an importance in aesthetics. It is available in 42 difference colours and is therefore the obvious choice for schools wanting to engage with their pupils through its interior design. Supacord carpet is also a popular choice for schools as it is very resilient and can withstand heavy wear and tear as well as high numbers of traffic. It is also renowned for being sustainable and has gained a BRE (Building Research Establishment) Global A+ environmental rating for use in offices, schools and retail outlets.

Marketing Manager for Heckmondwike FB, Abby Chandler explained why Supacord is a popular flooring choice with schools. ‘It is incredibly hard wearing whilst still creating the look and feel they wanted.‘ She also commented that Heckmondwike ‘were very pleased they were able to meet Orion Primary School’s floor design aspirations. They hope this may help to inspire their pupils for a long into the future.‘ Their belief was the interior decoration of a school can often help provide a more positive learning environment, in turn inspiring pupils to achieve the best they can.

With over 550 pupils, it was vital that the new carpet at Orion Primary School would be robust enough to withstand a lot of foot traffic. ‘reason for selecting this particular carpet the wide choice of available colours, allowing us to match our corporate identity while providing a positive feel to the school,‘ said Head Teacher Chris Flathers. ‘We felt it was important that the ‘Recognising the Star in everyone ’ message was part of the design, ensuring pupils are reminded of this on a daily basis.’

The entrance area of the school will also benefit from a long lasting flooring solution, with Hippo used in accordance with the Supacord flooring. This will help in maintaining the carpet in the best condition possible. It doesn′t ravel or fray and is also useful in noise reduction.

The Flooring Factory is a carpet shop in Bournemouth providing competitive quotes for carpet fitting as well as having a great selection of carpets and other flooring. We cover all over the local area and are also an ideal option for those looking to buy carpets in Poole.

Carpet maker to raise awareness of indoor air quality

Desso the huge global carpet manufacturer is to continue its investment in a major television advertising campaigns throughout Europe in a major push to raise awareness on the issue of indoor air quality, Initial TV adverts will appear in Holland which will focus on one of the company's latest product innovations, the DESSO AirMaster carpet, which it claims to be 8 times more effective than hard floors at retaining and capturing fine dust particles and 4times more effective than current carpets. Small dust particles of less than 10 micrometres in diameter are claimed to cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and can contribute towards lung cancer, the World Health Organisation has estimated more than two million people die every year from breathing tiny particles in the indoor and outdoor air.