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Phone - 01202 574888
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Laminate Flooring Bournemouth

 Laminate Flooring‘Laminate flooring has taken over from solid wooden floors as an inexpensive way to have exciting looking Wood Effects and Stone Effects to your rooms, laminates have been improved recently due to new manufacturing methods and also with the introduction of Non Slip Surfaces e.g. Wood Grains and Stone textured effect coverings, all add up to make your floor covering as realistic as possible.

With many different styles and colours in stock, with a free measuring service and immediate delivery will save lots of £££££s.


When thinking about ordering a laminate floor you should always have it measured by our own team of estimators, this is for several reasons:

1. if you measure it short then products generally can′t be sent back to any Manufacturers.

2. Sometimes we can save you £££ss on Materials measured as efficiently as possible (especially on Hallway, Stairs and Landings).

3. It′s a FREE SERVICE!!

At the ‘Flooring Factory ’ we many different types of ‘laminate flooring ’ with designs to suit all tastes, our expertise is in bringing you the customer, quality laminates at good prices and fitted expertly so that you can be proud of our work. The Flooring Factory is very proud to be able to supply laminate flooring to Bournemouth and Poole areas,where most of our customers are pleased to recommend us to their family and friends, so instead of going to a national retailer and having to find a flooring fitter, why not come to us for a full ‘one stop ’ quality service in Bournemouth and Poole.